Wycliffe Student Apartments

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Wycliffe College provides a limited selection of apartment accommodations for couples and small families. Recognizing the importance of creating a supportive and inclusive environment for its diverse community, the college offers these living spaces to ensure that students with spouses or dependents can balance their academic commitments with family life. 




It's important to note that due to the limited number apartments available at Wycliffe College, securing one is not guaranteed for every applicant.  Only one or two apartments come available each year. To ensure that students with families have the best possible chance of finding suitable accommodation, the college strongly encourages those interested in housing to also apply for family housing through the University of Toronto (UofT). The UofT family housing options provide an alternative solution with a broader selection of living spaces designed to meet the needs of couples and small families. 


The Charles St. Apartments are a ten-minute walk from Wycliffe and house many University of Toronto students and their families at a low cost. Apartments are either one or two-bedroom and are available for couples with or without children. The apartment buildings also have childcare options for residents. 

Family housing is also available at UTM, the Mississauga campus of U of T. A shuttle bus connects UTM with the St. George Campus (on which Wycliffe is located).

The following form is to apply for Wycliffe Family Housing. Please note, due to the limited space, that you must be a Wycliffe student to be accepted for student apartments. UofT students in other departments are welcome to apply for single dorms through our regular residence.