Dr. Stephen Chester Promoted to Full Professor

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Principal Stephen Andrews was pleased to receive unanimous support from a Wycliffe College Evaluation Committee considering Dr Stephen Chester’s application for promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor.

The Committee, composed of eight members drawn from the Wycliffe College Faculty, Board, and student body, and including a representative of Toronto School of Theology, examined Dr. Chester’s written work, read evaluations by specialists from outside the College, and reviewed submissions from students and colleagues. Reflecting on the criteria of scholarship, teaching, performance of duties, future promise, and leadership, the Committee concluded that he has "made a superior contribution to theological knowledge and education."

Commenting on his merits, one student wrote that Dr. Chester "consistently displays a high degree of academic professionalism and proficiency and has sacrificed much of his time and resources, investing in the life of the student body, collaborating on ways to create and re-invigorate communal, academic, and spiritual bonds in our common life together."

An external reviewer wrote, "Dr. Chester’s record of research and publication shows a steady and consistent output of high-quality articles and monographs, participation in major learned societies, and the development of new research topics. Through both the quantity and the quality of his scholarly work, Dr. Chester has merited promotion to Full Professor."

Speaking on behalf of the faculty, Principal Andrews said that Stephen Chester has been "a great colleague," and that he has been "a real asset to the College in his wise and sensitive guidance, and in ensuring that what we teach at Wycliffe is at the highest possible standard."

We know that the wider Wycliffe community will want to join us in congratulating Stephen on this significant accomplishment.