Academic Calendar & Student Handbooks

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The Conjoint Student Handbooks are published yearly by the Toronto School of Theology, and are available for download on this page. They contain detailed program information for all Wycliffe students. Wycliffe specific policies, where applicable, can be found in the Wycliffe Academic Calendar. 

Basic & Advanced Degree Handbooks
As a member of the Toronto School of Theology, Wycliffe College adheres to the academic policies and procedures outlined in the TST Bulletin and the TST Basic Degree and Advanced Degree Handbooks.

You will find all handbooks at this link: Handbooks | Toronto School of Theology (


Wycliffe College Academic Calendar

The academic calendar published each year includes information that are specific for the Wycliffe College community, like faculty biography & research, board member list, program outline and requirements, various policies and so on. It will have repeated information from the Handbooks above on areas such as program requirement and academic policies so you are encouraged to always reference the Handbooks for comprehensive policies regarding your program. 

Academic Calendar (PDF) | Wycliffe College