Intermediate Hellenistic Greek I: Cruciformity in Paul and the Gospels


This class introduces the student to close reading of the New Testament in Greek. The student will read, in Greek, significant selections from Paul and the Gospels. The course will emphasize close reading and the development of exegetical skills; we will focus on theological exegesis, through an exploration of a theme that is central to both Paul and the Gospels: cruciformity. The course will also develop the student’s facility with the Greek language: we will (i) give attention to syntax and grammar, (ii) introduce more advanced elements of the Greek language as they appear in the biblical texts, and (iii) draw attention to the ways in which a thorough understanding of biblical Greek opens up the meaning of the biblical text and enriches scholarly study and pastoral ministry alike. The class is the first part of a two-part Intermediate Greek exegesis and grammar program and will prepare the student for further New Testament exegesis at an advanced level. This course will offer a remote option.

Graduate (advanced degree) students taking introductory language courses in order to fulfill program language requirements shall request that the GCTS Administrator or their college registrar change their course registration from credit (CR) to extra (EXT), as such courses are not to be used towards calculating a student’s grade-point average (GPA). Language course grades, nevertheless, will still appear on transcripts. Some exceptions may apply for students in biblical studies areas, who may take advanced language courses for credit. For all such matters, please contact the GTCS Administrator at

Enrolment Notes

This course will only be offered via synchronous remote learning, as such the only section available in ACORN will be 9101. 

Session Offered
Fall 2021
Start Date
02:30 pm ~ 04:00 pm