Community-Based Assessment and Design: Creating Well-being in Local Communities


The residents of urban at-risk communities often have ministry done to them by well-meaning people. Organizations (non-profits, churches, government, etc.) swoop in with money, people and resources and tell the community what they need.  Playgrounds are erected overnight, projects initiated, murals painted over, or urban gardens appear without anyone asking the people who live there what they want.  The message that no one listens is reinforced in their minds. God’s concept of “shalom” is not one of doing to people but one of inviting people to directly own and participate in the development and well-being of their own neighbourhoods and communities. Participants in this course will develop the skills necessary to engage, learn from and accompany a local community in its path towards greater well being. This approach is guided through the development tools of community assessment (listening to the community) and project design, monitoring and evaluation (responding with the community to its understanding and hopes for well-being ). At the end of this course participants will have the skills necessary to involve the community in in its own restoration.

Enrolment Notes

Please note that this course will be offered via in-person study and remote, synchronous learning. Depending on pandemic restrictions, in-person slots may be limited.  If you would like to register for the in-person section, please register for LEC 0101. If you would like to attend remotely, please register for LEC 9101.

Additional Notes

Please note: All syllabi are considered draft until the first day of class. Please look for the final version of the course syllabus to be posted on the course's Quercus site.

Session Offered
Fall 2021
Start Date
02:00 pm ~ 09:30 pm
Schedule Notes

This course will be offered intensively over 5 Fridays, please see syllabus for dates: 

September 17 9am-4:30pm

October 1 9am-4:30pm

October 22 9am-4:30pm

November 12 9am-12:30pm

December 3 9am-12:30pm

Pastoral Theology