Alan Hayes

Professor Emeritus, Church History

PhD in Religious Studies (McGill)BA in Philosophy & Classics (Pomona), BD in Historical Theology (McGill)


Alan Hayes has taught church history at Wycliffe since 1975, when he completed his Ph.D. in religious studies at McGill University, Montreal. He retired in 2022 but remains an adjunct faculty member with some continuing responsibilities.  His teaching and research specializations include Anglicanism, Canadian Indigenous and Euro-Canadian Christianity, early Christianity, and Historiography. The historical theme which most interests him is how Christians sometimes express their faith in their culture, sometimes challenge their culture with their faith, and sometimes cross cultural boundaries to make better sense of their faith. He lives in Oakville, where he is honourary assistant priest at St. Cuthbert's Anglican Church. He is married to the Reverend Dr. Morar Murray-Hayes.

History of Canadian Christianity, especially Anglicanism, The religious relations of Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples , Early Christianity, Historiography
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  • Editor and Contributor, By Grace Co-workers: Building the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, 1780-1989 (Toronto: Anglican Book Centre, 1989)
  • Several entries for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography 
  • Several history web resources at
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