The Rt Rev. Dr Stephen Andrews

Principal and Helliwell Professor of Biblical Interpretation

Bishop Stephen Andrews is the Principal of Wycliffe College. A graduate of Wycliffe College and Cambridge University, his academic interests lie in the area of Jewish biblical interpretation in the Second Temple period. He has taught courses on the Prophets of Israel, the Pauline Epistles, Christian Worship, Biblical Hermeneutics, St Mark’s Gospel, and the Development of Christian Thought. However, for the past two years he has taught Anglican Liturgy with faculty from Trinity College. Stephen’s evangelicalism was deeply shaped by his two years serving as Study Assistant to John Stott. He has served parishes Vancouver, Halifax and Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. He is a former President of Thorneloe University in Sudbury and was for eight years the Bishop of the Diocese of Algoma. Besides administrative duties, travelling and preaching on behalf of the institution, he is an honorary assistant at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Toronto. Stephen and his wife, Fawna, a psychotherapist, have two children and two grandchildren. He enjoys birdwatching and travelling and is an armchair woodworker.

Stephen Andrews
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